It's Too Hard To Be A Christian

In Matthew 5, Jesus keeps saying, "It has been said." He keeps taking an old law and making it something more. He keeps making the already hard laws of the Old Testament even harder to keep. It's like he wants you and I to fail. It's as if Jesus is really saying, "Hey, those of you who are keeping the law really well, yeah you, you actually suck. You're actually a hypocrite. And you! You who never kept the law in the first place, you're just as bad." Jesus comes in and takes away what looks like all the hope from the people. He tells them to "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect." He goes as far as to put the "sinners" on the same playing field as the "saints."


What now? I'm not as good on the outside as the Pharisees (who were the holders of the laws), and I'm definitely not near perfect, especially as perfect as God himself. Looks like I'm gonna have to chalk this up to bad Mexican food and call it a day. I'll never get to Heaven. I can never be good enough. Jesus has made this whole Christianity thing too hard. 

It's too hard to be a Christian. 

That's right. It IS too hard. That's exactly what Jesus was trying to show. He was taking the old laws and making them harder to keep. He was taking the old laws from a surface level way of thinking to the heart of the issue. "It has been said, but I tell you." Jesus took everything to a whole nutha level.

He made it so hard to keep the commands, that we all would say, "Dangit. I can't do this." Thus creating a need for a SAVIOR.

If we could keep all the commands, there would be no need for a savior. But It's too hard to be a Christian without Jesus. In fact, it's impossible to be a Christian without Jesus. 

But because of Jesus, we now have a way to perfection. Through the perfect Savior we can have the life that we were never able to live. So, instead of being upset that we can't keep all of these commands, we should rejoice that Jesus came and died as the perfect sacrifice so that we could be perfect in God's eyes as Jesus is perfect in God's eyes. You and I will never be perfect, but we have a Savior who is perfect for us. 

With Jesus, it's not too hard to be a Christian. It's the only way to be a Christian.