This Is Backwards

This is backwards. 

Have you ever thought that? I have. I hate when I'm walking in the mall and people are walking against the way I'm going. Because the way I'm going is obviously the best way. I always stay right. If you stay right, you get to every single store in the whole mall. Or if you go into a Wal-Mart you've never been to, and it's set up totally backwards from the one you're used to. It's just backwards. 

Matthew chapter 7 is a little backwards. Of course, it's in the order that God wanted, so it's not wrong. But it is backwards. Here's what I mean: We read Matthew 7 like this, "Don't judge, ask/seek/knock, enter the narrow gate, bear good fruit, THEN build on the rock."

This is backwards.

See, if we study this a little more, we can conclude that if we turn this chapter around, each of these build atop of the next. 

Build your life on Jesus above all else. When you build your life on Jesus, you will bear good fruit. When you're building your life on Jesus and bearing good fruit, you're going to walk through the narrow gate. When your life is built on Jesus, you're bearing good fruit, and you're walking through the narrow gate, when you seek God, you won't have to look far to find Him because you've been with Him all along. Building your life on Jesus, bearing good fruit, walking through the narrow gate, seeking and finding God; these things will ultimately lead you not to judge others. They will lead you to love others.

Build your life on Jesus, and go from there.

And that's why this chapter is backwards.