Stop Hanging Out Naked In A Graveyard- Austin Davis (Guest Blogger)

Stop hanging out naked in a graveyard.

In Luke chapter 8 we are told of three people who experience Jesus in ways that change their entire life. Actually, that’s an understatement. Legion was a dude who lived in a graveyard and kicked it in the nude 24/7. For real, dude was crazy, and Jesus goes to him and heals him. The woman who had a blood issue, which under Old Testament law would make her untouchable by any one, was healed by Jesus as well. She had lived her entire life in seclusion and isolation, but Jesus brings her close, which changes everything about her future. Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter from the dead, which obviously is a major change for the girl. Dead. Now alive.

Seriously. These are crazy life changing events in these people’s lives. Do you think any of them lived like they had before they encountered Jesus ever again?

My point is this: The woman that had issues before Jesus, never lived in isolation again. Our boy Legion had issues to work out before Jesus, but never ran around like Ray Stevens “The Streak” again (if you do not know this reference, Click Here and prepare to laugh). Anyway Jairus’ daughter who was raised from the dead most likely dealt with common issues for young girls, but she never lived dead, that just does not even make sense.

All these are examples of what Jesus was teaching in his parable about the seeds and the soil. Jesus is saying that if you truly meet Jesus then it will take root and life will never be the same, but there are some things that are still to be dealt with. No one's perfect.

Two things I want to point out in Jesus' parable.

The first being the seed that falls on the rock, which for us shows those who lack perseverance. This is huge for the instant gratification culture we live in. If you want something, buy it. If you want to know something, google it. Nearly everything you could want exists on a device that is in your pocket. Here's the question: How quick do you give up on following Jesus, because it has caused some struggle or calls out something in your life? Following Jesus takes time and determination. Jesus tells us not to give up easily.

The second thing is the seed that falls in the thorns. In a culture of materialism and pleasure, this speaks directly to each of us. We cannot deny that these are temptations for everyone living in our context. How many times have the pleasures and things of this world pulled your attention away from Godly things? How often do you trade the riches of God’s Word for the theatrics of Hollywood? Obviously I love movies as much as the next person, but what do we love more? 

Are we easily distracted, and are we easily discouraged? This is what Jesus wants to highlight. Jesus says "When you have truly experienced me, life can no longer be a constant distraction and discouragement." 

Jesus is saying, "Stop hanging out naked in the graveyard, stop living in isolation and stop laying around like a dead person I have taken root in your life!"