My freshman year of college was probably my favorite. I had tons of fun. Met new people every day. And I was challenged a lot my freshman year.

I was challenged most in my prayer life.

I always felt like my prayer life was lacking. I would read about people that were used greatly by God that would wake up at 4 in the morning and pray their little hearts out. I would listen to preachers say the best time to pray is the morning. I would hear tips and tricks to pray more and longer and better prayers. I would meet people that seemed to really know God. Like they were friends with God. 

To be honest, I tried. I tried to wake up early. I tried tips and tricks and every other thing. I journaled. I prayer walked. I've done a lot of different stuff. I wanted to know God that well.

Something I've begun to realize more recently, though, has been more helpful than anything. I believe it's the key to having a healthy prayer life. I believe it's the very reason that great believers have spent hours a day in prayer. I believe it's the reason that people HAD to get up at 4 in the morning. I believe it's the heart behind most tips and tricks. I believe it's how we can get to know God as well as anyone else. 


Just being specific. When you talk to your spouse, or your best friend, time flies by because you get specific about everything. When you get specific, time goes by and your relationship with that person gets deeper and stronger. 

What if that was the key to our prayer life? What if it wasn't about setting a timer to pray more? What if it wasn't a tip or trick? What if we began a conversation with our Savior, and we got specific?

Instead of telling Jesus "Thank you for this day" in your prayers, maybe try telling what about that day you are actually thankful for. Instead of asking Jesus to bless your marriage, maybe try asking him to bless a specific thing in your marriage.

If we would get more specific in our prayers, we would get more specific answers and our relationship with God would grow deeper and stronger. 

That's what I'm working on this week.