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Looks matter. 

The design of your website is vital. The majority of first time guests visit an organization's website before ever stepping into the doors or purchasing a product. A bad design with too little or too much information, color, photography, and a number of other things could be the difference between someone joining you or not. 

Don't let a bad web design keep you from helping others get what only you can offer.

We offer beautiful designs at a fraction of the cost. Web design can become outrageously expensive. They can range from $2,000 to $50,000. The average website and design alone can cost over $3,000! That's without the yearly hosting and domain of over $300!

That's average.

You don't want average.

We want to offer organizations an affordable alternative to traditional website design. We hate average. We hate the average price of $3,000, but we hate the average look of most web designs even more. We want to give you a beautiful web design, without all the fluff in price. We work with your budget in order to give you the best web design possible. With the savings, you could go hire that Children's Pastor or Administrative Assistant you've been needing.

Let us help you reach as many people as possible, without killing your entire budget.


Basic Pricing- $400-750

Our Basic plan is for those that need a beautiful website up and running smoothly without much upkeep.

What makes us different, though, is how our pricing works. $400 is our basement (meant for start-ups or church plants), and $750 is our ceiling. We work with your budget. We want to help you help others, so we don't have a one size fits all.

Our Basic Plan includes:

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Website and Store/ Giving
  • Transfer of all information
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Products
  • Custom Email Address
  • Face to face or FaceTime training on upkeep and editing (it's really, really easy)

If you don't want the hassle of keeping your website up to date with new information, we can keep it up to date and beautiful for you. Our upkeep and editing price varies from $20-$50 per month, depending on the amount of upkeep.

We use SquareSpace Business to create your website. This helps make your job easier when you want to edit information! The yearly price of SquareSpace Business is $192 for your domain and your hosting. With the $192 domain and hosting, as well as the one time $200-600 to create your website, your price is significantly lower than the average website!

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